Montessori International College

Sol lived on Sunshine Street. A place with no sunshine that was barely worthy of being called his ‘home’. With only his gloomy neighbours for company, our young Cat-uman started adopting all sorts of projects to help him stay cheerful. This led him to the community garden. Sitting amongst the flora he felt a strange warmth. He used this time to think. To think about the people of his apartment. All the people he could help. Poor Jamie, always moving, always longing for a permanent place to stay. Or Mr. Odele, who was missing his cat Phil. He meditated on these thoughts. The warmth grew as his mind cleared. He raised his paws in a sort of sun salutation. His brain was swept of mental cobwebs as the curtains of clouds overhead parted. And he simply said, “Let the sunshine in.” 

This installation has been proudly designed by the team at Montessori International College

Leader: Elyse Johnston
Students: Freya Brunton, Salonica Chesterfield, Rahni Coulter, Garrick Dalgliesh, Ruby Ingram, Kiara Kralovic, Becca Martin, Siena Michelangeli, Laura Nicolas, Carlyn Orne-Gliemann, Poppy Samways, Lucy Shalwick, Ellie Thiele-Paul, Hannah Tragen, Ruby Young

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