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Sunshine Plaza & Lendlease Retail are committed to delivering a sustainable future for all our stakeholders.

We recognise the legacy of our activities and we are accountable for what we take, what we create and what we leave behind.

Sunshine Plaza is continually working to reduce its impact on the local environment and contribute to the local economy and community. The centre is implementing a number of exciting initiatives as part of our commitment to sustainability. We are currently working on the areas listed below.
Energy Efficiency Programs
Sunshine Plaza has also introduced energy-efficient lighting throughout the centre, delivering a saving of $36,000 over 15 years. All air conditioning units have variable speed drives to assist in achieving the most energy efficient method of cooling the centre.
Surrounding Waterways
Did you know that Sunshine Plaza has 67 gully traps installed throughout the centre to prevent pollutants entering the surrounding waterways? To date, nearly 5 tonnes of waste has been captured.
Drip-feed irrigation was introduced for garden beds, along with the first rainwater tank being installed in 2007.

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