Kawana Waters State College

A captivating installation consisting of interconnected sculptural paintings which tell the story of a teenager’s journey, as they navigate their mental health struggles.  When we feel threatened, ANXIETY triggers changes in our body and mind and we fall victim to the dark cloud above us.  DEPRESSION can feel all-consuming and hopeless where overwhelming feelings take hold: when it rains, it pours! Knowing who to turn to, how to ask for help and where to go to seek it, is the message of our story, where teenagers become more RESILIENT, reaching for the light, to let the sunshine in and LIVE. 

This installation has been proudly designed by the team at Kawana Waters State College.

Leaders: Ricki-lee Bernhardt-Turpin, Susie Nairn
Students: Lara Beatty, Lila-Pearl Belk, Sarah Bell, Sophie Fowler, Ash Holden, Danny Howard, Owen Kerr, Kadie Lazoryk, Noah Lee, Isabella Lord, Nandi Stander, Jack Steele, Joseph Willmann, Roman 
Cadzow-Oram, Kyra Collier, Kristan Dingle, Oreon Gray, Alierra Pearce, Maddison Povey, Tia Richardson.

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