Ditch the passport

Forget about that dream holiday to Thailand or Japan or Indonesia (for now) and put the passport away, there’s a whole lot of travelling your tastebuds can do without the plane trip.

Plonk down on a seat at one of the Sunshine Plaza’s best eateries and be whisked away to a beach warung or a bustling sushi joint in the heart of Tokyo with just one bite.

Get your chopsticks ready, here are the best Asian eats on the Sunshine Coast right now.

Wara Sushi

Drop into Wara Sushi and experience the newest addition to The Riverwalk’s impressive roll of culinary hotspots. Pick a booth and then scoot over to your very own iPad to order a fanciful Japanese feast—this place is a step-up from your average sushi train. For a failproof meal, start with miso, a plate of okonomiyaki, gyoza and a fresh salmon and avocado roll. Oh, and the karaage chicken bowl is to die for, if you’re wanting something with more substance.

Thai Thyme

Made for date days and nights, Thai Thyme is a quiet gem amongst the flutter of action at Sunshine Plaza. While the promise of golden curry puffs, homemade soups, fragrant stir-fry dishes and succulent curries may lure you through the doors, it’s the welcoming interior that’ll make you want to stick around. Do yourself a favour and try the chef’s pineapple fried rice—it tastes as good as it looks, promise!

R-Crane Sushi & Bubble Tea

Craving a touch of sweetness after a sushi binge? For the ultimate Asian drink slash sweet treat, single out the most enticing bubble tea at R-Crane Sushi & Bubble Tea. Thirst-quenching for those days when water just doesn’t cut it, the purple taro milk tea and the limited-edition pearls lover are highly addictive in the best way.

Nguyen Bros

We don’t blame you if a bahn mi or the crispy skinned chicken with rice are your regular go-tos at Nguyen Bros, because let’s face it, everything out of this kitchen is delicious. But next time you visit, we totally recommending getting outdoors, finding a posi beside Cornmeal Creek and working up a sweat with the Hue style spicy vermicelli noodles. It’s basically one big bowl of cold-busting goodness.

Yum Cha Cuisine

If you’ve never experienced yum cha, then a trip to Yum Cha Cuisine is a must! Gather around a table and prepare to pile up your plate with roving dishes. From cloud-like BBQ pork buns and crispy spring rolls to prawn dumplings and soy noodles, for those who are prone to FOMO when dining out, this is your kind of thing.

Little Red Dumpling

The only thing better than dumplings is many, many dumplings. And thankfully, Little Red Dumpling is home to a massive list of tempting dumplings you’ll never tire of eating. Go with a friend and share a few plates of plump parcels, like the spicy Szechuan-style pork, lamb and coriander or the pan-fried pork and cabbage dumplings. If you’re looking for some of the best Asian eats on the Sunshine Coast, it ends right now.