Dig into 4 Delicious Bowls

Shake up your eating habits this season and meet your perfect match with 6 delicious dishes you need to try at least once.

From brand new rice bowls to crisp mixed salads topped with seafood, these are the kind of spring flings that won’t dissolve with time.   

Thai Thyme

Served in a pineapple, instead of a dish, this chef’s special at Thai Thyme is technically not a rice bowl, but you still need it in your life. Bursting with flavour and holiday vibes, this stunning eatable masterpiece is a delectable combination of fried rice, chicken, prawn, veggies, cashew nuts, fried egg, and sweet, sultry raisins. Plant yourself on a booth inside—the interior is worth your time–and prepare to discover your new favourite meal.  

We’re not saying bypass the dumplings, because that would be a crime. We’re saying get the dumplings AND Little Red Dumpling’s slow-stewed rice bowl for the ultimate Asian feast. The perfect follow-up to a plate of dumplings dripping in sweet soy chilli sauce, you’ll find the braised beef brisket with a seasonal salad and rice is the only way to end a visit to this eatery.

Shingle Inn

Looking for a guilt free vegetarian option to keep you looking and feeling fresh this season? You know you’re in good hands when ordering up Shingle Inn’s delicious “Guilt-Free Bowl”. Dive into this jam-packed nutritional delight made up with cherry tomatoes, quinoa, diced avocado, spinach, cucumber, roasted chickpeas and drizzled with with and tangy chilli mango mayonnaise. It’s light, delicious and true to it’s name – guilt free!

Nguyen Brothers

Rice noodle bowls are as close to actual rice bowls as they come, which is why Nguyen Brothers fragrant vermicelli salad is a must-try. Follow your nose to find this Cornmeal Promenade favourite and after you’ve had your mandatory rice paper roll fix, order the vermicelli salad. There’s a range to choose from, so if the wok-fried lemongrass beef feels a little heavy, opt for the tofu—it’s gluten-free and vegetarian, so there’ll be no bloating after scoffing it down.