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FISHBOWL was founded in 2016 with a simple goal - change fast food, change the culture. They now have 30 stores across NSW and VIC and QLD. Fishbowl specialise in made to order salads with a Japanese twist, they want to empower people to make healthier decisions by turning salads into a lifestyle. Their mission: Change the fast food culture “we want to empower people to make healthier lifestyle choices by creating a conversation around health and conscious eating.”

Everything at Fishbowl is made from scratch, every day. Their team of chefs carefully break down and prepare nature’s food with minimal intervention and maximum love. The same goes for all the dressings, a carefully selected range of local and japanese ingredients to produce a delicate range of dressings free from any artificial flavour enhancers, refined sugars or anything funky added!

Fishbowl are committed to becoming a more sustainable business and understand climate change is one of the greatest challenges we all face. That’s why sustainability informs every component, be it food, design or waste management.  “We can all contribute to a more sustainable ecosystem around food, and we want to be at the forefront of this conversation and change for good.”

Fishbowl caters to each and every appetite, from salmon sashimi, organic chicken, beef brisket, cooked miso salmon, mushroom, miso pumpkin, eggplant, tofu - they cover it all! You can build your bowl from scratch, or choose one of their signature dishes.

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