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How are you today?
Please take a seat,
make yourself comfortable,
anywhere’s fine,
we’ll be right with you.
Now what will it be?
Your usual Di Bella Coffee,
or would you like to see the menu?
Yes, our flowers do smell especially fragrant today…
they’re fresh in this morning as usual.
We’ll put a bunch aside for you.
Our pleasure.
Ah, here’s your coffee now!
Yes, it was quick,
but no hurry…
please relax and take as much time as you like.
So what are your plans for today, after breakfast?
I see…lunch, what a great idea!
Anyway, we’ll leave you now to have a good look around
but if there’s anything you need, just ask, OK?
Dining Features




Indoor seating, Outdoor seating, Kids Meals, Take away

Good For

Breakfast, Casual Dining, Lunch, Family friendly


Accepts all major credit cards

Best Parking

Kmart Multilevel

map-compass Best parking for Kmart. Entry from Maroochydore Road, via Amaroo Street. Access via ground level or Kmart multilevel express ramp. 3 free hours parking on all levels and outdoor parking, with charges applying thereafter.

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