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Offer ends on 31 December 2022

People have a knack of ignoring the issue of a damaged or cracked mobile screen, till their phone keeps on working. They do not realise that continuing to use a mobile with a cracked or damaged screen will seriously curtain the longevity of their phone and put its functionality in serious jeopardy. 

Indeed, using a phone with a cracked screen is not recommended, owing to various reasons and they are far too important than the phone looking ugly because of the damaged screen.

So, King IT is running a long-term special to highlight the importance of screen fixing and work out the underlying issues that are also caused by a cracked screen. Here are some special deals to get your phone back into a near new condition.

iPhone X from $199 now dropped to $99*

iPhone Xs Max from $269 now dropped to $159*

iPhone 11 from $199 now dropped to $99*

iPhone 11 Pro from $529 now dropped to $199*

iPhone 11 Pro Max from $569 now dropped to $249*

They fix all types of phones so come and see them at King IT and they will get you the right deal.

Don’t risk further damage to your device, visit King IT today.

*T&Cs Apply. See in-store for more details.