Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How does my school secure a place in Sunshine Arts Fest?
The online application form for 2023 Sunshine Arts Fest will be available on this website from 6pm on 15 February 2023. Applications will close at 6pm on 28 February and the six successful schools will be announced on 6 March. There are only six places available and schools will be selected based on the responses to questions on the application form.

2. How will the six successful schools be selected?
Applications will be reviewed by the three Sunshine Arts Fest judges and Sunshine Plaza representatives. Selections will be based on how schools have responded to the questions and their previous experience in creating visually engaging displays and using augmented reality.

3. Can I enter if my school is not in the Sunshine Coast region?
Only schools from within the Sunshine Coast and Noosa Council regions are eligible to participate in Sunshine Arts Fest.

4. Can my school participate in Sunshine Arts Fest if we have limited experience with augmented reality (AR)?
It is not essential for your school to have experience using AR, however execution of AR is one of the judging criteria so this will be considered as part of the application process.

5. What are the competition dates for 2023 Sunshine Arts Fest?
Please click here to see all the key dates for 2023.

6. What are the specifications of the installation?
Successful schools will receive a full brief including specifications and installation guidelines when their place in the competition is confirmed. Sunshine Arts Fest will provide schools with a base workspace, backdrop and anchor prop that must all be used as part of the installation. For more information, please see our Competition Details page.

7. Who do I contact if I have questions?
Please visit our Contact Us page.