Augmented Reality and Installation QR Code Guide

Watch the artworks come to life through augmented reality

Sunshine Arts Fest provides schools with the opportunity to use augmented reality as part of their visually engaging installation to help tell their story. When visiting the installations at Sunshine Plaza, watch the artworks come to life with augmented reality, through the Artivive app. Simply follow the steps below:

1. Download the Artivive app to your device from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and open the app on your phone.
2. Point your device’s camera to the artwork and watch it come to life through the app.

QR code voting for the “People’s Choice Award”

It’s easy to vote for your favourite Sunshine Arts Fest installation to help award the “People’s Choice Award” winner. Simply scan the QR code noted on the installation signage. Follow the steps below to get started.

Prepare Your Smartphone or Tablet: To begin, ensure that you have a smartphone or tablet with a camera and internet access. This will allow you to scan the QR codes and access the digital content.

Open the Camera App: Open the camera app on your device. It's the app you use to take photos. No need to download any additional apps.

Aim at the QR Code: Position your device's camera so that the QR code is clearly visible within the camera frame. Make sure the QR code is well-lit and easy to read.

Let it Scan: Your camera app will automatically recognise and scan the QR code once it's in focus. You may see a notification or a message on your screen indicating that the scan was successful.

Follow the Link: After scanning the QR code, your camera app will provide a link or prompt you to open a web page allowing you to access the voting form to cast your vote for the “People’s Choice Award”. Tap on the link or follow the instructions to proceed.

Click here to vote now for your favourite installation.

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