Wildlife HQ

Pop up wildlife display!

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Wildlife HQ is home to native and exotic animals from across the globe. The zoo is now home to over 100 animal species around the world. 

These June school holidays the zoo will be celebrating their 8th Birthday with the newly opened Siamang exhibit. The primates will be the first breeding pair of their kind in a Queensland zoo and will make an important contribution to the national breeding program. 

The zoo has also recently welcomed a group of squirrel monkeys and you can now book an up close and personal encounter with these cheeky monkeys.

Wildlife HQ will have a special POP UP animal display at Sunshine Plaza's Eco Sanctuary these school holidays. Come meet the animals and learn how you can help make a difference and help protect our natural environment.

28th June - American Alligators
29th June - Lizards/Dragons
30th June - Pythons
1st July - Koala
2nd July - Alligators
2rd July - Lizards/Dragons
4th July - Pythons
5th July - Koala
6th July - American Alligators
7th July - Lizards/Dragons
8th July - Pythons
9th July - Koala

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