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Editorial Supporting Our Community

Posted on 20 March by Sunshine Plaza

Making every day essential items more accessible

Given the evolving situation with coronavirus (COVID-19), Sunshine Plaza is working closely with Coles & Woolworths to make everyday essential items more accessible to both members of the community living with a disability and the elderly.

Coles' & Woolworths’ exclusive shopping hour

Running until Friday, 20 March for Woolworths, and indefinitely for Coles at Sunshine Plaza, the two supermarkets will be offering an hour of shopping from 7am – 8am, exclusively for:

  • Senior customers
  • Customers with a disability
  • Carers buying on behalf of an elderly or disabled family member

Customers will simply need to present their seniors card, pension card or disability card, or in the instance of carers, the ID of the family member you are purchasing for.

Customers, please note that Coles and Woolworths have updated their trading hours during this period to be:

  • Coles: 8am - 8pm on weekdays, 7am - 8pm Saturday and 9am - 6pm Sunday
  • Woolworths: 8am - 8pm on weekdays, 7am - 8pm Saturday and 9am - 6pm Sunday

Information is accurate as at Tuesday, 20 March.*

What we’re doing

The health and safety of our customers is our highest priority. Given the evolving situation with coronavirus (COVID-19), Sunshine Plaza is taking a range of precautionary measures to help minimise the potential health and business impacts of the outbreak including:

  • The installation of additional hand sanitisers for customers and Centre staff;
  • The display of public health posters around the Centre detailing how people can reduce the chances of infection; and
  • Directing our cleaning teams to regularly clean common areas with hospital grade disinfectant

If you’d like more information on coronavirus (COVID-19), please call the Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080. The line operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Additional information can be found on the Australian Government Department of Health website:

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