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Editorial Entertain The Whole Family

Posted on 20 February by Sunshine Plaza

Your One Stop Shop!

When you’re planning a day at the shops and you’ve got the littlies, grandad and a temperamental teenager in tow, it’s going to be difficult to find something to entertain the whole family, let alone buying new school shoes while you’re at it. Take it from us, it pays to be prepared! But don’t worry, you don’t have to sit down and write a full schedule for the day. We’ve got you. Here’s the definitive list on how to entertain the whole family when you visit Sunshine Plaza. 

The old school arcade is not what it used to be. Timezone offers Drift bumper cars (dodgems for anyone born earlier than the noughties), ten-pin bowling, a cutting-edge laser tag arena, and of course traditional arcade games that everyone will love. We know what you’re thinking. “How do they fit all of that in there?!” Well, you'll have to head in yourself to check out just how much action is available to the littlies. It’s guaranteed eyes-light-up wonderment for the kids, and you can even treat yourself to some shopping while they’re at it (or jump on the bumper cars too if that’s your thing).  

Sunshine Watercraft
Sometimes having a fun activity smack bang in the middle of a shopping centre can leave parents hearing, “Can I PLEASE have a go?!” All day long #sorrynotsorry. But we highly recommend you listen to the kids and let them have a try of Sunshine Watercraft. It’s totally worth it, not just to keep them entertained, but to see the joy on their faces as they paddle their own boat down Cornmeal creek. And starting at $4, it won’t break the budget!

House of Gelato
This one might be for the kids but you’d be lying if you said it wasn’t for you too. House of gelato offers 24 delicious gelato and sorbet flavours to really savour, especially on a hot day. The kids will obviously enjoy flavours like Bubblegum and Nutella, but it’s the colourful and fruity gelatos that we recommend for a blast of flavour. And don’t miss out on the free kid’s gelato as part of the Supersaver Fun Pass happening now until the 30th of April.

Red Lock Escape Rooms
Teenagers will love the immersive, real-life adventure game that is Red Lock Escape Rooms. There are two challenging but seriously fun escape rooms on offer; The Mad Scientist and Area 51. It’s a fun experience for everyone involved, but it also gets the brain juices flowing and will have your teens challenged.

BCC Cinemas
The great thing about teenagers is that they can (for the most part) be trusted to head off unsupervised for periods of time without worrying if they’ve gotten themselves lost in the middle of the shopping centre. If you have some serious shopping to do (because we all deserve a new pair of shoes) drop the teens at the latest movie and treat yourself to an hour or two of shopping. They’ll love the feeling of independence, and you’ll love the time to get things ticked off your list. 

Fratelli Fresh 
Take a walk up an unassuming staircase from the Riverwalk and you’ll step into Italian heaven, also known as Fratelli Fresh. From the quaint timber chairs and cosy booths, the sweeping glass windows that beautifully light the space, to the nostalgic photo wall featuring the likes of Audrey Hepburn and beautiful Italian beach scenes, every element has been carefully considered to provide a welcoming experience for diners. Fratelli Fresh is a great space for date night or a ladies lunch, and don’t miss out on the $25 all-you-can eat pizza and pasta on Sunday nights.

Master Toms
Grandma and Grandad deserve some quiet time to themselves too, of course. Master Toms is a huge space with plenty of seating options, whether it’s just Grandma enjoying a coffee on her own, or Grandad’s next birthday celebration with the whole family. Master Toms makes a delicious coffee and their food offering is great for brunch or afternoon pick-me-ups.

Shingle Inn
The Shingle Inn has become an institution at Sunshine Plaza. The relaxed and refined cafe offers all of the delicious treats that Nan and Pop will love, plus coffee for anyone else tagging along. You can’t beat their all-day breakfast menu, but it’s the traditional treats like scones with jam and fresh cream that will have the grandparents coming back for more. 

El Camino Cantina
El Camino Cantina offers delicious Mexican with generous portion sizes, a range of great cocktails (for Mum and Dad) and of course your very own sombrero to enjoy in all its glory. Oh and don’t forget the complimentary and unlimited chips with salsas – yes please! This is the perfect spot for the whole family thanks to its super fun, bright and welcoming vibes. 

Supersaver Fun Pass

Whether it’s a well overdue date night with your numero uno, an action packed day out for the whole family (seriously, this will please everyone), or some affordable fun for you and your BFFs, the Supersaver Fun Pass is the guilt free outing you’ve been meaning to put in your calendar for months. Click here to treat yourself or someone you love to a movie ticket at BCC Cinemas Sunshine Plaza, 30 minutes Time Play on Red and Yellow Swipers + 200 Powertickets at Timezone Sunshine Plaza, an adult meal from the Fun Pass menu and all-Day Car Parking all for just $35! And for the kids? They’ll get the same amazing inclusions, but instead of free parking, they’ll get a kid’s Gelato from House of Gelato for $30. Everyone will love this! *T&Cs apply, click here for details. 

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