Bite Into 9 Totally Indulgent Desserts

Pancake Pantry_Totally Indulgent Desserts_1968x960.jpg

Got an insatiable craving for something sweet? Sunshine Plaza is where it’s at.

From bubble tea and Belgian waffles to the thickest hot chocolate you’ve ever slurped, prepare for the ultimate sugar high with nine totally indulgent desserts you won’t want to share.

• Roll On Up To Cinnabon

Barely needing any introduction, the world-famous, frenzy-inducing Cinnabon is home to quite possibly the most irresistible cinnamon roll ever to be created (have you tasted that cream cheese frosting?). And lucky for Sunshine Coast locals, Cinnabon has recently landed at Sunshine Plaza. The aroma of Makara cinnamon and freshly baked dough will guide you to the store’s ground floor location but then it’s over to you to decide between the classic, minibon or chocobon. But beware, the Cinnabon obsession is real!

• Bag A Hole Lot Of Decadent Doughnuts

Take your tastebuds on a trip to NYC without the price tag, thanks to Brooklyn Donuts. For the team here, whipping up a bevy of different flavoured doughnuts every day isn’t a job, it’s a religion. Taste the difference when you devour the golden Ferrero, chocolate brownie or the OG of sugary donuts, the classic strawberry jam. There’s a hole lot of deliciousness in each bite (pun intended).

• Dive Face First Into Belgian Waffles

Slow days call for warming plates of pancakes or waffles, and there’s nowhere better to satisfy a hankering for a sweet and fluffy mound than Pancake Pantry. Shuffle into a booth and slurp on a chocolate milkshake while drifting over the menu. Then, because you’ll probably end up there anyway, pause at dessert waffles and feast your eyes on the Strawberry Fields Belgian Waffle. Thick, doughy and comforting there’s no skimping on flavour here with fresh strawberries, strawberry coulis and a scoop of smooth vanilla ice-cream. Breakfast, lunch or dinner; waffles are always a good idea.

• Get Your Brownie Fix

Chocolate addicts will move mountains for a perfectly soft but chewy brownie, but there’s no need for that when I Heart Brownies exists. Baking heart-shaped brownies daily, these handmade morsels of sweetness are not only delicious but also 100 percent gluten-free, which basically means they’re good for you. Now you can nibble guilt-free on macadamia and white chocolate brownies, cherry coconut brownies, peanut butter chip brownies, vegan brownies, and more.

• Spoil Sensitive Stomachs With Guilt-Free Doughnuts

Suffering from a food sensitivity that makes it hard to treat yourself? Never fear, Happy Dough is here! Fuelled by the belief that everyone deserves to enjoy doughnuts, make this spot your go-to for a hefty range of gluten-free, soy-free, vegan-friendly doughnuts. Sink your teeth into the pink-hued White Truffle with freeze-dried raspberries or the dark chocolate Black Forest. Delicious!

• This Super-Thick Hot Chocolate Was Made For Sipping And Dipping

Indulgent desserts have long been a specialty of this Spanish-inspired chocolateria and while you should definitely get across their all-new croffles — a tasty hybrid of a croissant and a waffle — it’s pretty much impossible to give the cold shoulder to San Churro’s vegan-friendly, hand-crafted churros. For a truly authentic experience, order your churros and a thick Spanish-style hot chocolate, perfect for dipping and sipping.

• Dig Into A Strawberry Cheesecake Cup

Polished off a half rack of ribs, golden thick cut fries and slaw, and still have room for dessert? Go you! Take the last sip of your sultry Long Island iced tea and then make way for a fruity fix with TGI Fridays delicious Strawberry Cheesecake Cup. Plunge your spoon through fairy floss, dehydrated raspberry, strawberry coulis and whipped cream into layers of smooth cheesecake and crushed biscuits. It’s so pretty, you won’t want to eat it. Actually, that’s a lie. You’ll totally want to eat it.

• Pretend You’re In Italy With Authentic Gelato

When it comes to traditional desserts, nothing beats House of Gelato’s Italian gelato and sorbet. Cup or cone, you’ll be cooling down with scoops of freshly made creamy goodness at this cute gelataria overlooking Cornmeal Creek. We’ve never heard a bad word about their rotating flavours, but if you’re stuck for choice, try the choc mint, salted caramel or the simple but oh-so-good vanilla bean.

• Cool Down On Balmy Spring Days With Bobo

Need a sugary pick-me-up to tote around on your shopping spree? Skip that second coffee and instead head straight to R-Crane Sushi and Bubble Tea for a thirst-quenching boba fix. With just the right amount of sweetness and chewy tapioca pearls, this Taiwanese favourite has gone global in a big way. Get your bubble tea fix and go fruity with a passionfruit or peach green tea or opt for a smooth milky hit with matcha.