9 Friend Dates You Need To Do

Organising a catch-up with your bestie can often seem like a bit of a non-event. They’ve seen you through life’s highs and lows, so a spontaneous drink or a quick Facetime often seems like enough to keep it afloat. Right? Wrong.

It’s time to spoil your bestie like you would your lover. Bookmark this list and lock in some time with your favourite mate this spring thanks to these nine non-lame friend date ideas.

Tuck Into A Dumpling Banquet

Some things are just better together—you and your best mate, sunshine and Spring, and dumplings and beer. Little Red Dumpling is a newbie at Sunshine Plaza, so if you haven’t tried it yet, make this spot the backdrop for your next friend date. With plenty to choose from—insert FOMO sweats here—you can’t go wrong with their banquet offering. Lose yourself in a convo while the decision-making is done for you—think: steamed dumplings, spring roll and deep-fried wontons, more dumplings and a heavenly ice-cream bun to finish. 

Race Against The Clock In An Escape Room

Test your friendship or bond with your work buddies outside of your regular 9-5 at Red Lock Escape Rooms. The new Sunshine Plaza location has four themed rooms—we’re loving the spooky Aunt Annie’s Asylum—and the only way you’ll break free is if you put your heads together, follow the clues and solve the puzzles. Managed to escape? Pose for the commemorative group photo and then put that baby straight in the pool room.

Book In A Breakfast Date

Friend dates over brekkie are some of the best, but if you need more convincing to strip back the doona, then the shared savoury breakfast platter at Wine & Nine is it. Made for two, this morning smorgasbord is piled with bacon, eggs, sourdough, corn, avocado, grilled tomatoes and quite possibly the best housemade baked beans in the region. If you have mini-mes tagging along and want them to sit still, now is the time to grab a babycino (and yourself a coffee, of course!) and fill their wandering hands with all of the bacon. You’re welcome!

Get Your Game Face On

Worked all-day and need to blow off some steam? Lock in a late-night friend date at Timezone and get your game face on, because things are about to get a little crazy. First up, jump in the bumper cars and let it all out as you dodge, nudge, and crash your way around the arena, then hit the arcade games to battle it out some more. For old times’ sake, stop by the wall of claw machines to test your skills, before zipping to San Churro to devour a Hot Choc Bomb or a comforting plate of churros.  

Chow Down On Burgers

There are burgers dates, then there are Grill’d burger dates, where even the pickiest, most dietary intolerant friend will find something they are going to love. It’s a failproof move to stop here for lunch or dinner, and with a brand-new range of plant-based burgers created by Fable and Michelin star chef Heston Blumenthal up for grabs, it’s a given that the flavour is going to be mind-blowing.  Chow down on a “meaty” mushroom pattie and find a new favourite between the spicy cheeseburger, truffle, or southern BBQ burger.

Go For A Boat Cruise

Think you’ve done everything there is to do at Sunshine Plaza? Think again. Those boats you see coasting around the waterways are not just for kids, so leave your heels at home and get ready to see your surroundings from a whole new perspective. Even better, jump on a paddleboat from Plaza Pontoons and you can count this catch-up as your weekly workout—trust us, the peddling will have you huffing as you dish the details of your latest blind date.

Take Your Friendship To New Heights

Scream, laugh, cry, scream some more—you’ll feel all the emotions when you set out to conquer Australia’s largest high ropes course, Next Level. That’s why having your bestie by your side to cheer you on is pretty much an essential. Gear up and take your pick between seven stomach-churning circuits, suspended around and across Cornmeal Creek. This isn’t for faint-hearted friends, so choose your climbing buddy wisely and when you’re done, go curb those adrenaline shakes with an ice-cold beer.

Sip A Bubble Tea On A Walking Date

Only got time for a quick catch-up? Here’s what you need to do! Meet at R-Crane Sushi & Bubble Tea along The Riverwalk and order a refreshing drink to combat that spring heat; if you’re new to bubble tea, try watermelon with coconut jelly or opt for an iced honey lemon green tea. Now, it’s time to get moving and multi-task like a pro—walk, sip your tea, chat in real life and tick some of those pesky items off your to-do list. Productive doesn’t even begin to describe you.     

Hit Up Yum Cha With The Gang

Satisfy everyone’s cravings and book in a long, lazy lunch at Yum Cha with your favourite group of people—the more, the merrier in this giant space. Nab a table outside to soak up those spring vibes and sit back while rolling carts of freshly-made dishes make their way around the restaurant and onto your plate. You might want to loosen your belt for this one.