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Editorial Father's Day DIY Gift Ideas

Posted on 24 August by Sunshine Plaza

Get creative this Father's Day

This Father’s Day may look a little different, but we’ve got a list of ideas to help you get creative in the gift department! These homemade picks will not only make dad smile, the activitieswill also keep the kids entertained and they’ll feel extra proud when they surprise Dad with what they’ve come up with!


Fun Facts About Dad


A great game for the whole family to play! Come up with a list of ‘Fun Facts About Dad’ and pop the questions onto brightly coloured cards, with the answers on another. Include Dad’s favourite things to do, favourite foods, what he’s the best at, his usual sayings, funny habits – get the kids to answer each question for some guaranteed laughs and perhaps some surprising answers!


Dad’s Care Package


Perfect for celebrating dads near or far, surprise him with his very own care package! Find a fun box or basket and fill up with his favourite things. 

  • For Dads who love food, add a range of snacks or treats, and maybe even a homemade ‘voucher’ for the kids to either cook up his favourite meal or treat him to his favourite local restaurant on a night of his choice. 
  • Does your dad see himself as a bit of a BBQ master? Include new sauces and marinades, meat spices and grilling tools for him to try out. 
  • Sporty or adventurous dad? Consider new sporting gear or other ideas for an adventure such as a water bottle and protein snacks in a backpack instead of basket or box. 
  • For those with grandfathers, why not try a ‘Pop Package’? Think popcorn, cake pops, pop music – the list of puns is endless!
  • Turn your care package into a picnic basketSurprise dad on Father’s Day morning and fill with delicious treats perfect for a day out in the fresh air at the local park or at home in the backyard.

From the Heart – Homemade Cards


There’s nothing better than a homemade card, and Father’s Day is no exception. Ask the kids to get creative and make their own masterpiece. Grab the crayons, pencils and paints, or even ask them to find things in nature or recycle items from around the house to add to their artwork. 


Dad & Me


Celebrate Father’s Day in matching outfits! Make your own t-shirts for dad and the kids to wear on the day – think fun quotes, photo iron on prints, or even fabric paints. Kids will love seeing dad wear their creations, and there will be plenty of photo opportunities to capture the memories!

Another idea could be a photo collage – this c
an be as simple as collating images of your favourite memories for him to proudly display in the home or at work. You can also have a bit of fun with theming – include a small chalkboard that the kids hold with their favourite memories with dad written on them, then take photos!

Sunshine Plaza for everything you need to create your own Father’s Day gift – he’ll love the thoughtand will proudly show offwhat’s been created for years to come!

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