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*Please call the store or visit their website as their hours may vary through the current Covid-19 period.

**Due to unforeseen circumstances, Nguyen Brothers will be closed until Saturday 22 January.**

Nguyen Brothers Delight is brought to you by Nguyen Brothers, the only authentic Vietnamese restaurant on the Coast with nearly 30 years of experience in cooking delicious meals both in Southern Vietnam and in Sydney, Australia.

Our menu consists of a wide range of popular Vietnamese street food goodies which will satisfy your Asian food craving, be it a heart-warming beef soup aka Pho or a mouth-watering and healthy lemongrass beef served on a bed of fresh herbs, salad and noodle. On a hot day, you should try our thirst-wrenching condensed milk iced coffee.

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Myer Multilevel

map-compass Best parking for Myer. Entry off Maroochydore Road, via Amaroo Street. Access via ground level or Kmart multilevel express ramp. 3 free hour parking on all levels.

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