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*Please note, La Villa Boutique is temporarily closed. Thanks for understanding and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

La Villa is a family company, born from its owner passion for the comfort of the house, in accordance with the person.
It offers a big range of house decorations, home fragrances products, handbags, shoes and female accessories.
Since 2016, it offers artworks in collaboration with a French Art Gallery located in France on the French Riviera.
La Villa is constantly doing its best to always offer you more novelty with the handmade quality, for new products.
The creative spirit of the new growing brand hopes to attract the Australian clientele by its originality and its passion for the Life.
La VILLA … c’est la Vie!

What we sell

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Coles Multilevel

map-compass Best parking for Coles, Target and BCC Cinemas. Entry from Plaza Parade. 3 hours free parking on all levels, with charges applying thereafter.

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