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Welcome to Harper Bee!

We are a new tween/teen brand celebrating girls.

Jess, my daughter, and I, together with our team of amazing illustrators, graphic designers and production staff (all females – girls can do anything…), have created a range of fabulous things that aren’t too babyish – and don’t look like something your mum would buy!

We thought about what you would like in your bedrooms, and have come up with cool bedding, the latest technology, cute jewellery, fabulous beauty products, relaxed weekend clothing, fashion items for your desk, overnight bags for sleepovers, and great gifts for BFF’s birthdays.

I’m sure you will think of more things we should have in our stores, so make sure you send us an email at [email protected]
We’d love to hear from you.

What we sell

Best Parking

Myer Multilevel

map-compass Best parking for Myer. Entry off Maroochydore Road, via Amaroo Street. Access via ground level or Kmart multilevel express ramp. 3 free hour parking on all levels.

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