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In 1972, bell bottoms and hippie prints ruled the fashion landscape. Petrol cost 36c a litre. ABBA burst onto the scene. Cheese and pineapple sticks were the height of sophistication. The first instalment of The Godfather debuted to critical acclaim. And French Connection was born.

Since then the world has changed dramatically, but their aspirations have not.

As a brand they create timeless staples for men and women that transcend seasons and fads. French Connection is not about more clothes, it’s about the right clothes. They are on trend, but never trendy. They are useful not wasteful, and they take pride in the fit, fabric and quality of their garments.

French Connection is straightforward– simplified, unscrambled, back to basics.

Life should be packed with experiences, not packed with baggage. Celebrate the individual. French connection has had a million ideas since 1972 and have a million more.

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