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Editorial Lisa King Collaboration

Posted on 10 September by Sunshine Plaza

Sunshine Plaza collaborated with artist Lisa King to develop the beautiful floral illustration used for our Hello Spring campaign.

A romantic at heart, Lisa carefully hand-picked and arranged a selection of her favourite Springtime blooms to develop the florals used for our Spring campaign. Spring is a time which, for the artist, not only signals a change of seasons, but new life and rejuvenation. The artwork highlights seasonal treasures such as; Striped Tulips, Jacarandas, Golden Wattles, Orchids and is laced with Monarch Butterflies, to name just a few elements. Painting from life, Lisa rendered the flowers on canvas to give them gesture and vitality, before photographing the work and developing the final artwork digitally with striking detail. From the hand selected florals to the shadows on each individual critter - we are obsessed with this stunning design.

Watch the making of this beautiful Spring design here: 


About Lisa King

Lisa is anacclaimed muralist and figurative painter in Australia. From a successful gallery owner and curator to a vibrant oil painter and large-scale muralist, she is unstoppable on any medium thrown her way. In recent times, she has hit the street art festival circuit and made her mark in America, China, Australia and New Zealand. More of a queen than a King, her eyes are on the prize in Sydney, where she’s working on her largest take over to date.


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