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Parking Info Regulated Parking FAQs

Q: Why are you reintroducing regulated parking at Sunshine Plaza?

A: Minimising disruption to our customers is a top priority throughout centre redevelopment works. Regulated Parking has been reintroduced to ensure the best parking bays remain available for genuine customers and are not occupied for extended periods of time by non-customers such as contractors and surrounding businesses.

Q: Where are the 3-hour parking zones?

A: The designated 3-hour parking zones include:
• P1 Coles multideck – ground level
• P1 Coles multideck – level one
• P1 Open Air Quickshop car park (near Coles)
• P1 Open Air car park (behind Coles multideck)
• P2 Open Air (Woolworths) car park
• P3 Open Air (Kmart) car park
• P4 Myer multideck – ground level
• P4 Myer multideck – level one
• P4 Myer multideck – level two
• P4 Myer multideck – level three
• Kmart Auto / Horton Parade car park (in front of Rebel Sport and banks)

Q: Where are the 6-hour parking zones located?

A: The designated 6-hour parking zones include:
• P1 Coles multideck – level two
• P1 Coles multideck – rooftop

Q: What are height restrictions for each car park? 

• Coles (orange car park) - 2.25m
Kmart (red car park) - 2.2m and 2.7m for the taxi bay
Myer and David Jones (purple car park) - 2.2m and the express ramp entry 2.15m 
Big W (blue car park) - 2.2m

Q: Will all Sunshine Plaza car parks be regulated?

A: Yes, all car parks will be regulated, with sign posted time limits enforced.

Q: Who will regulate the car parks?

A: Point Parking has been engaged to manage car park regulation on behalf of Sunshine Plaza.

Q: Will Disabled car parks be regulated?

A: There will be no time limit for cars parked in accessible parking bays as long as the applicable parking permit is clearly displayed, in line with usual requirements.

Q: Will Seniors car parks be regulated?

A: Yes, a 3-hour time limit will apply to Seniors car parks.

Q: How much is the fine for overstaying designated time limits?

A: Vehicles that are detected as overstaying designated time limits are at risk of being issued with a $55 parking fee.

Q: Who should I contact if I receive an infringement notice and wish to dispute it?

A: If you wish to dispute an infringement notice, please contact Point Parking via 1300 551 131.

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